Remedial Massage Sydney, CBD, NSW

The Active Performance remedial massage uses proven methods from both science and ancient eastern philosophies by understanding the energy dissipation through anatomical biomechanical movements to assist the body through the healing process.

Stages of our Philosophy:

  1. Manual Therapy - this is to aid in the process of healing and help the body maintain homeostasis. Using a variety of modalities and tools to assist.

  2. Mobility – to increase blood flow for healing and build muscle memory for the new neural pathway for the body to move better without the excess load, repetition or impact therefore also giving that joint or part of that body time to heal.

  3. Stability – to stabilise joints that have been destabilised due to wear and tear and muscular imbalances either from habitual movements or excessive load, repetition or impact.

  4. Strength – Reinforcing the new pathway of muscle memory but developing the bracing strength of the joint or re-establishing the imbalanced muscles resulting longer lasting effects.4

  5. Maintenance – through educating and teaching customised periodic various self-myofascial release, massage, breathing, stretching, mobilisation, muscle activation, strength and conditioning techniques no matter the sport specificity or whether you just want longer lasting general health.5.

In our first session, we assess to understand the nature of the pain or discomfort of our clients. This is done through a screening process which involves a detailed client history followed by a movement tests both passive and active is used.
Once we have determined the nature of the problem, we will explain the treatment plan and process to the client. Most times it will revolve in the practitioner helping to remove the pain symptoms by resolving the cause of the pain.


The benefits of this approach may include:


  • Increased mobility

  • Decreased inflammation

  • Decreased Pain

  • Relaxation

  • Mental Clarity

  • Maintain Homeostasis

  • Reduced the tension of every day wear and tear of joints

  • Decreased stiffness

  • Reduce stress of everyday life mentally, emotionally, psychologically, physically, and physiologically.

  • Better bowel movements

  • Decreased abdominal distension

  • Increase visceral motility


In our experience we can usually determine the problem within the first session and achieve great results within 4 -6 sessions. What we have found is that results are longer lasting when paired with a specific training program following our philosophy. Sessions with our experienced therapists may vary depending on the client’s body’s physiological needs to maintain homeostasis as well as compliance with healthy nutrition, hydration, and movement exercise homework for recovery.


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